Hehe ... maybe one or the other friend from Down Under has already noticed that Rupert Murdoch's News Corp in Australia made 75% less profit this year - a good start, I think (by the way, for my German friends: News Corp is probably equivalent to Mathias Döpfner's "gutter journalism" in Germany - only News Corp is more than twice as big as Axel Springer SE with a group turnover of about AUD 10 billion).

Now follows what must follow in the economic system of a free market economy: No - not mass layoffs - rather Murdoch's media empires expand the productive use of AI in the context of writing no content. Yes - you read that right: "expanded" and not "we'll think about it". Currently, about 3,000 Australian local news stories are already being written by an AI per week.

This ultimately proves two of my theses: First, the consumer of certain media products doesn't even notice whether the content was generated by a journalist from the gutter, an amoeba or an AI. Second, the early adopters of AI are always the ones with the most obnoxious business models.

The funny thing about this story is that you can see very clearly that large language models eventually "run themselves to death", since they only absorb the worthless content of other AIs in order to build up their "knowledge base".