is a private blog by Michael Bunzel, which has been on the web for a little more than two decades now (Way back? Go to

Both the content topics covered in the blog and the technical hosting platform have changed again and again over the years - but the endeavor to emancipate myself from the major social media platforms as a publication space for my own views has always remained. Why submit to the content dictates of the respective platform operator when self-publishing offers a viable alternative?

In this sense, is reinventing itself again in the summer of 2023. The goal is to take up topics that have been little elaborated so far in the context of cyber security regulation in general and automotive cyber security in particular, to go deeper into them, to find like-minded people and possibly to create a small but vibrant community that serves as a focal point for all interested parties.

In addition, I will publish my regular rants, which I have written in the past mostly on Facebook on a variety of topics of interest to me, now successively back on my own blog.

I hope you, dear visitor, find the posts on this blog interesting and helpful in one way or another. You are welcome to contact me via the comment function in the posts.

Finally, it should be noted that all posts reflect exclusively my private opinion and not the view of my employer. The majority of my posts will be written in English, since the addressees of these posts are usually worldwide. Since English is not my native language, I am sure that one or the other mistake will sneak in.